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Crystal Car Diffusers

Crystal Car Diffusers

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Introducing our Gemstone Infused Car Diffusers - the perfect fusion of elegance, tranquility, and aromatherapy, designed to transform your car into a sanctuary of scents and serenity. Elevate your driving experience with a touch of luxury and a hint of nature's finest fragrances. With five enchanting scents to choose from, each infused with genuine gemstones, you can now embark on a fragrant journey like no other.

**Lemongrass and Ginger**
*Uplift your senses with this invigorating blend of citrus lime and lemon, infused with zingy ginger. The vibrant energy of lemongrass meets the soothing warmth of ginger, creating a refreshing ambiance that awakens your spirit during your daily commute.*

**Vanilla Velvet**
*Indulge in the powdery, fruity fragrance of Vanilla Velvet. Delicate citrus notes harmonise with hints of fruity melon and peach, while the floral embrace of Jasmine and White Lily adds a touch of sophistication. Creamy edible notes of vanilla, musk, cedar, sandalwood, and warm amber envelop your car, creating an atmosphere of pure luxury.*

*Transport yourself to a summer garden with Millefleur. This sweet and warm scent features top notes of roses and violets, bursting forth from a fresh heart of bergamot and lavender. As you drive, the lightest base of sandalwood, cedar, and patchouli lingers, evoking the essence of a blooming garden in full bloom.*

**Love Secret**
*Unlock the Love Secret within your car with this enchanting fragrance. White blossom and young heliotrope mingle with orange flowers, gardenia, and roses, all embedded in a soft cosmetic accord. Let the romantic and delicate aromas set the mood for your journey.*

*Experience the timeless allure of Amber as it fills your car with its rich, mysterious scent. With its deep, warm notes, this fragrance offers a sense of elegance and sophistication, making every drive an unforgettable sensory experience.*

But what makes our car diffusers truly special is the infusion of genuine gemstones. Each diffuser contains a carefully selected gemstone that not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also adds a unique energy to your car's atmosphere. The gemstones radiate their positive vibes, creating a harmonious blend of fragrance and well-being.

Elevate your daily commute or road trips with our Gemstone Infused Car Diffusers. Bring serenity, style, and sensational scents to your vehicle, making every journey a delightful adventure. Indulge yourself or gift this exceptional aromatic experience to someone special. Order your favourite fragrance today and discover the magic of gemstone-infused aromatherapy on the go!


- Authentic Gemstone beads or pendants

- Macrame thread

- Elasticated Cord

- Stainless steel accents


- All bracelets come in standard adult sizing unless otherwise specified

- All necklace chains & cords come in 45cm unless otherwise specified

- Please add custom dimesions in messagebox at checkout

Care information

- all pieces can withstand most elements, as well as general wear and tear.

- We do advise you to remove your jewellery when bathing, swimming and during excerise.

- Please do not leave candles and incense unattended when lit

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